Review Number 41: Pokol Kolbász Hell Sausage

Hi, and i like to think you are all doing well. If not, why not heating up your oven and throw in some real hot and spicy pepperoni pizza? Here is all you gonna need:


The Pokol Kolbász Hell Sausage comes from hungary and they really now how to do it when it comes to salami. This one is really hot and has a fantastic taste to it. It absolutely delivers what you would expect from a so called pepperoni salami. 100% recommended.

HEAT LEVEL: 6 out of 10

Review Number 040: Tabasco Scorpion

Ok. Finally. I have done it. Being a moron for paying 15.-€ for 148ml hot sauce + shipping costs. Applause to me! Just kidding, price is high but worth it all the way! It was clear that one day the “Granny” of all hot sauces had to deliver something for the devourers of extreme heat for the 21st century. Well, and they did! Superb. Great. Not to be missed.


This sauce delivers the promise. We are talking trinidad scorpion here! Done extremely well by our beloved “Granny”, the Tabasco Brand. Absolutely recommended!

HEAT LEVEL: 10 out of 10

Review Number 039: All guns blazing! My Westlandpeppers Hot Sauce

Hello and welcome! Lately i posted about the fresh chillies from holland brand “Westlandpeppers”. They were many of them, so i decided to prepare them for a cool hot sauce. I cut them all in half, and you should do that! Why? Because when you fill in the hot, cooking vinegar, they will blow themselves up, meaning the vinegar does not penetrate the chillies, which has to be done. I also added a tablespoon of salt, garlic and onions. After all done, i left them for a month alone.

After 5 weeks i put them into a blender and just added a tablespoon of sugar to it. Done!

It was 2 bottles total. And? The taste? The heat? Done well. This hotsauce is great tasting and delivers 1,0 – 1,5 Million scoville. You can do this easily at home, you just need fresh chillies. Bon appetit!

HEAT LEVEL: 10 out of 10

Review Number 038: The Last Dab by HotOnes

Lately we have been Talking About Ed Curries Pepper X. The supposed to be 3,8 Million Scoville Chili! I couldn’t stop, i had to buy the only hot Sauce in the world, which has pepper x in it. The Last Dab:

the last dab


The last dab includes: Pepper X, chocolate pepper X, peach pepper X, distilled vinegar, ginger root, turmeric, coriander, cumin, dry mustard. The Sauce Comes in a very cool package, protecting the bottle very well. Bottle opened, you will get a very habanero-ish smell, but good. The flavour profile is excellent and the Sauce is very thick. Which i like personally, i do not like “watery” sauces. And here is what you are all have been waiting for: YES – it is hot as hell! After tasting the Sauce it will take a couple of seconds, and slowly but without any remorse the infernal heat Comes in and stays. X peppers are coming Stealth. Totally recommended!

HEAT LEVEL 10+++ out of 10

Review Number 036: Teufelsblut (Devil’s Blood)

Good morning fellow readers! How you are doing? I hope you do well! IF not, you should turn on your motor with this little bottle here:


Devil’s Blood is from german brand “Würzteufel” (Spice-Devil) and it enters the ring with 666.000 Scoville!!! What a sympathic number… This spicy sauce is damn hot. It is also vegan. They deliver it with a small “pipette”, so you can easily get the needed drops out of the bottle. It also tastes very good, the composition of the spice mix is perfect. Of course do not take it pure – only the insane devourers of extreme hot food are possibly capeable of doing this. All others will only expierence burning pain! Absolutely recommended!

HEAT LEVEL: 10 out 0f 10

Review Number 035: Pepper X – The Myth, the Legend

Ever heard of Pepper X? Bred by Ed Currie, the man from California who gave the World the Carolina Reaper Pepper! Pepper X is his latest creation. Pepper X is said to be 3,8 Million Scoville! Weapongrade! Here is our new Champion:

Its Scoville level still has to be confirmed by the guiness book of world records yet. They even do not sell the peppers or the seeds yet officially. There is one Product, a hot Sauce called “The Last Dab”, which has the Pepper X in it. At least “Hot Ones” says so. Reviews of this Sauce are saying more or less the same: No, it is not 3.8 Million Scoville. I wait until Pepper X is confirmed and measured, and then i will try it!

HEAT LEVEL: we will see out of 10

Review Number 033: Married with(out) children on LSD – Pranksters in Love YT Channel

I am a great fan of Al Bundy (and Beavis & Butthead, and…) and official member of the NO MA’AM secret society. All this vintage insanity was transported via “Nikki & John”, hosts of the PIL YT channel into the 21st century. These couples must be braindead, hahaha! This two complete morons obviously prank each other with the hottest peppers of this unfortunate planet. Grab a beer, relax, and watch these idiots:

HEAT LEVEEL: 10 out of 10

Review Number 032: Paldo Teumsae Ramen + free giveaway!

Paldo is a great brand (if you can say this at all, regarding instant food…) and i am a big fan of their “Volcano Ramen” version, already featured on this blog! Being a fan of paldo’s ramen, i bought the “Paldo Teumsae Ramen” version online. This it how it looks like:


I cooked the ramen as always, added dried vegetables and spice, and what a surprise, i started to eat, hahaha. Ok, this was somehow stupid. Whatever. Noodles: good!. Heat: above average! Taste: well…

To make it short: i never ate noodles salty like this one! Oh man. These ramen taste really good and have a real good amount of heat to deliver, but imagine someone who is cooking this recipe, and after all being finished, for what reason ever, this someone throws in a spoon of pure salt into the already spiced up mixture! MAYBE it has to do with the korean kind of eating ramen, or ramyun (japanese), because they throw in eggs, veggies and of course meat. Unfortunately i ate them in their pure form, as i always do, and it “over-salted” me, sorry i am german.


I have a good amount of these ramen left. FREE GIVEAWAY! Pack of 5! Simply contact me via the “Menu” link on this blog. You only have to pay the shipping cost!

HEAT LEVEL: 8 out of 10

Review Number 031: The “Mettbrötchen” (Raw Minced Pork Sandwich)

This is a review about meat. This Article might be strange to people not living in germany and/or german speaking countries. I am even not sure if this special food is served in Switzerland or Austria. And i don’t care. Here is our object of interest:

For me as a german this picture looks very appetizing, knowing and eating this roll with raw minced meat, since my childhood. An amreican friend of mine told me, that this would be impossible in the U.S.A.. But as the brave american he is, he joined us, devouring the “Mettbrötchen”. And he liked it very much. What a surprise! The “Mettbrötchen” is nothing else than a raw minced pork meat version of a BURGER! After WW2 meat patties came overseas from Hamburg Germany to the U.S.. To prevent diseases and infection with unwanted Bacteria, the Meat was grilled. This is the true origin of all (Ham-)Burgers! If you didn’t knew this already.

Of course the Meat has to be absolute fresh, and buy it from your trusted Shop! In Germany you can buy this everywhere, vaccumized and spiced in mostly every food store. I am not recommending that, for diverse reasons. The best thing you can do is to go to your trusted, local butcher/meat store, and asking them to mince the pork meat right now for you. This only takes a minute. After done this, you move on to the next bakery and buy some fresh, crispy rolls. The next thing you do, is to move on to your Kitchen!

Ok. Why i mention this food here at all? I think you guessed it already! You can spice this up like hell! Having the materials you need in your kitchen, you simply spice the meat with salt and pepper, onions are mandatory, and NOW you can spice it up to the scoville grade you want. Absolute great, definitely recommended! Of course you can use hot powder, but give it a try with fresh hot peppers (hacked) of your choice. I dare you to do the infernal Mettbrötchen!

HEAT LEVEL: anything you want from the scoville scale!

Review Number 030: Respect Texas! Mexene Original Chili Powder Seasoning

Hi all. That’s a cool respectable one here. Ever heard of the Mexene brand? Well, i didn’t. Their recipe and brand is from 1906(!) and they saw absolute no sufficient reason to Change the recipe a bit! I am sure they are the longest ongoing Chili spice brand. Absolute respect for that!

Their brand in a tin box. Possibly from 1906?

Their 2019 Version!


MEXENE: “Our Mexene Chili Powder recipe hasn’t changed a bit since 1906. In fact, we still only use the best, sun-ripened, pre-frost chili peppers blended with our secret mix of cumin, oregano, and garlic. So do a little trail blazin’ yourself and discover the flavor that makes Mexene the chili powder of choice for real Texas Chili.”

HEAT LEVEL: nice 5 out of 10

Review Number 029: 189 varieties of chili peppers: 378 photos to learn how to recognize them History, botany and cultivation (English Edition)

Our first book review here. I want to introduce to you a very cool made book from italian fella and devourer of extreme hot foods: Fabrizio Savi


The book is of simple structure, and filled with tons of HQ pictures of our beloved chili pepper plants. It concentrates on the information a devourer of extreme hot foods is looking for:

“The manual consists of 378 photos of 189 varieties of chili peppers (two for each variety) that portray them at the time of ripening still attached to the branch of the plant. The manual aims to be a reference point for all hobbyists who are passionate about chili peppers, who will possess a valid tool for their recognition, as well as essential information on the degree of pungency and the family they belong to. Moreover, this work offers some historical notes and information about cultivation techniques.”

HEAT LEVEL: everything out of 10

Review Number 027: Chiltepin Peppers – The origin of all hot peppers

Hi fellow readers. Thanks for surviving Halloween once more and be welcome to a new review right here! Did you ever asked yourself where all these hot chillies we like to devoure are coming from? What is the “root of all evil” – in our case the root of scoville. Here it is:

Yep. These harmless looking fellas are said to be one of the hottest peppers on the planet, read Wikipedia on this. More information via whatiameating:

“The Tepin chilli, also called Chiltepin, is the original wild chilli – the plant from which all others have evolved. It is a tiny round berry slightly larger than a peppercorn. It is very decorative and bright scarlet in colour and, despite its high heat level, it is attractive to wild birds, who helped to distribute it across the prehistoric Americas. Birds do not have the same sensitivity to capsaicin as mammals as capsaicin acts on a specific nerve receptor in mammals and avian nervous systems are rather different. Chilli peppers are in fact a favorite food of many birds living in the chilli peppers’ natural range. The flesh of the peppers provides the birds with nutritious meal rich in vitamin C. In return, the seeds of the peppers are distributed by the birds, as they drop the seeds while eating the pods or the seeds pass through the digestive tract unharmed. This relationship is theorized to have promoted the evolution of the protective capsaicin. It is interesting to note that the chemical used to give an artificial grape flavoring to food items such as grape soda does have a similar effect on birds as capsaicin has on humans.”

Latin: Capsicum annuum
Ethnicity: Latin American
Most frequent country: Latin America
Also known as: Chile Mosquito, Chile de Pajaro, Chile Silvestre, Tecpintle

You see, the information available varies. I must admit that i do not know them yet on my own expierence, but i will do so. Here we go:


HEAT LEVEL: supposedly 10 out of 10

Review Number 026: Nigerian Fire

Lately i checked my stats on WordPress and realised that some lonely surfer from Nigeria visited this site. Welcome citizen of fire, from so far away. In honor to this african dude (or girl), here is one hot and spicy sauce, made with the native piri-piri peppers of africa and garlic and spices. This is how it looks like:


“The Nando’s story started centuries ago, when the Portuguese explorers set sail for the East in search of adventure and the legendary spice route.

The winds of Africa called them ashore and it was there, under the warm sun, in the rich soil that they discovered the African Bird’s Eye Chilli or PERi-PERi.   A spice like no other, they used it to create a unique sauce that put fire in their bellies and ignited passion in their souls.

A few hundred years later (in 1987 to be exact), it was the same PERi-PERi sauce that inspired Fernando Duarte to invite his friend Robbie Brozin to a humble Portuguese eatery in the heart of Rosettenville, South Africa to try some mouth-watering PERi-PERi marinated and basted chicken.   It wasn’t just the best chicken Robbie had ever tasted; it was love at first bite!  The rest, as they say, is history.

Peri-Peri is the heart & soul of Nando’s and the secret ingredient behind the Nando’s restaurants worldwide.  A fiery blend of sun-ripened lemons, spices, African Birds Eye Chillies and garlic.”

A nice and well crafted hot sauce, with a fantastic taste. Well balanced, but not that hot that it might let you collapse. IF you want to collapse on hot and spicy african food try something like this:


HEAT LEVEL: 10 out of 10

Review Number 025: Diamante – The Peperoncino Festival in Italy

Not decided yet which Location you should coose for you next Holiday? Well, for the devourers of extreme hot Foods it will be Italy in September:


“Each year in early September Diamante hosts a festival celebrating the local produce, peperoncino (chili pepper). Among the other products one can find the Calabrese Bomba made from as dried strings of chili peppers which have been infused into olive oil and mixed with other vegetables and mushrooms. The festival is a major event for the small town as it attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. It lasts for a full week and each day there are several events including famous plays performances, folk dances, speeches by important figures, chili eating challenges and cartoon drawing challenge. Every year they organise special events, such as the exposition of samples of chili peppers from all around the world or research papers about chili peppers published by the local Università del Gusto. Furthermore, there are a lot of stalls set up along the seafront which sell creamed chili sauces, flavoured chocolates (chili, lemon, citron, orange, etc. flavourings), chili flavoured cheese, pottery, Sicilian ‘arancini’ and ‘cannoli’, Neapolitan ‘craffa’, mixtures of vegetable sauces and creames (including garlic and onion spreadables). Moreover, most of the roads into the town are very narrow and inaccessible with a car, countless little shops of handmade food and handcrafted goods can be found in these roads.”


Hail Caesar!

A normal balkony in Diamante!

Street Food!

Indoor Kit!

Peperoncino Viagra!

Can’t wait to go there – love Italy!

10+++ out of 10

Review Number 024: Hot and spicy Halloween Special

Pagan ritual Samhain is knocking at our doors on Oktober 31. Known to the average earth dwelling creatures as Halloween. Here are our damsels of Darkness, the Monster women, the dark women, the alltime Queens of Horror Guiding us on this hot and spicy Special:

Is there anything hotter and spicier than These nice Girls here? Hardly. (He said “hard”, huhuhu…) They gonna really spice up your life! The Girls want to Party with you! What you are waiting for? Do not hesistate – meet them Right now here:


HEAT LEVEL: sexy 10 out of 10


Review Number 022: Mega Sardines from the Phillipines

Canned food is always an issue somehow. Can you trust a canned product? Even worse, the product canned, is not from your own country. Oh, oh, what could all happen to my health, eating canned food from other country. Yike! For me personally i.d.g.a.f. about all that. I like to eat fish for example, but i live far away from the sea. Of course you can buy fresh, iced fished all over germany, but it is very expensive – which is ok. Every animal, livestock food should be expensive in my opinion, they give their lives at last to feed you, me, and all of us. Respect your food!


These canned sardines from the phillipines are absolute great. And they are hot. The spicyness is way above average “hot and spicy fish cans” you might know. Piri piri chillies are mixed with tomatosauce fit these sardines perfectly. The sardines still have a good bite, even being canned. A well crafted product. Recommended for fish and hot food devourers!

HEAT LEVEL: 6 out of 10

Review Number 021: Cheddar Mexicana Original Hot

I love cheese. From Mozarella to the hardcore stinky ones. And would could be better for the devourer of hot and spicy foods, than a hot and spicy cheese! This one here is from the UK, and an absolute favorite:


Of course it is cheddar, the united kingdom’s classic cheese, and it is hot! Good hot. You won’t stop eating this with a freshly toasted bread of your choice, and of course a glass of red wine, to help your stomach out to digest the cheese easily. Molten, or fesh, on burgers, pizzas, pasta, salads – i use it on and with everything. Yummy.

HEAT LEVEL: 7 out of 10

Review Number 020: Taki Taki Drinks

Another interesting two from germany. We will start with the original taki taki drink, a recipe from the caribbean to mexican regions:


Really good, really tasty and spicy with a nice hotness to it. You can use it pure, in drinks like bloody mary and of course for cooking and bbq. It tastes so good on it’s own that you cannot stop drinking it. It is way better than the so called hot and spicy sangrita drinks. Way better and thicker. Not superhot, but top notch in taste composition. Ah, and by the way, the ingredients list do not mention chillies at all! Very good one, recommended.

HEAT LEVEL: 5 out of 10

The next one is a newer version of their classic taki taki brand. Taki mexicana. This one has alcohol in it! 15% vol.. Skol! Well, it is their classic drink, but mixed with vodka. Now, a little bit of history for this tasty slammer here:


It is the story of a german bar in hamburg st.pauli, called steppenwolf. Back in the day barkeeper and owner himself crafted the so called “mexikaner-shot” on his own, using schnaps, spices and the taki taki drink, to mix it all together and voila’: he created the legendary shot. Now available from tons of different brands. The creators of taki taki remembered the good old days well, and crafted this edition here in respect and honor to the steppenwolf bar guy(s). Even more and better information: this stuff is not made to make you drunk. No, it is made to bring you back onto your feet, when you are drunk! It works perfectly. I am a veteran of this one.

HEAT LEVEL: 6 out of 10

Review Number 019: The Beavis & Butthead hot and spicy Nachos Tribute


Oh man, i hated the 90’s! The horrible decade of my life. The 2 things helped me out to survive this evil decade were, 1st: watching beavis & butthead, 2nd: not listening to nirvana, Bathory instead. This young fellow here is an idiot. What a sypmathic character. An idiot just like you and me, loving ridiculous fun and spicy food!

…and, how sweet to be an idiot:

HEAT LEVEL: 10 out of 10

Review Number 018: Fuego’s Hot Peppers Spicy Party Phunk CD

This is our 2nd art post, this time we are talking music. I must admit that is really not easy to find anything hot and spicy related music recordings. Well, at least i found this one, released by german spicy brand:

The release is labeld as electronic DJ stuff. If you into this, get this one:


I find it interesting that a spicy food brand really releases an album, with supposed hot and spiy content transported via music. Hm. I am more of a guitar guy. Fast guitars. Rock/Metal. You know what i am talking about.

HEAT LEVEL: you decide out of 10

Review Number 017: Spicy Tomato Juice

Wow. This is a great one for everday use. Especially for breakfast, because even the worst devourer of extreme hot foods, won’t devour one of the 3 from hell for breakfast.


This spiced up tomato juice is absolute favourable for hot food lovers. It is well crafted, fresh, and the heat won’t dissapoint you. A great drink which can be used for a lot of drinks and recipes. I prefer it in it’s pure form!

HEAT LEVEL: 5 out of 10

REVIEW NUMBER 016: Scovilla’s Wilbur Tribute Editions

Today i want to introduce to my fellow readers my absolute favorite german hot stuff brand: SCOVILLA. These guys earned their brand’s own name directly from Mr. Wilbur Scoville. Originator of the scoville heat scale. They also offer other products hot & spicy, but their own brand is superb. Try out their dragonfire xp editions – you won’t be dissapointed. Exactly so with this two items from scovilla’s brand – The scovilla wilbur tributes:

Wilburs SCOVILLE FIRE HotPowder


Wilburs SCOVILLE FIRE HotSauce


The composition of both editions include:

Carolina Reaper (2.200.000 SCU)
Trindad Scorpion Moruga (2.000.000 SCU)
Bhut/Naga Jolokia (1.000.000 SCU)

The hot powder has also the classic scovilla spice mix, while the hot sauce is finished with cacao and pineapple! Bon appetit!

HEAT LEVEL: 10 out of 10

REVIEW NUMBER 015: Painmaker Hardcore Extrem Hot Sauce

Uff. Cough. Help! Oh yeah, i screamed with the last power i had before i collapsed, hahaha. Dear readers and extreme hot foods devourers, this one here is definitely for you, for me, for us:

And yes, the death’s head on the top of the bottle should alarm you, this is not a joke! I know and devoured lots of hot sauces, but this one… man! It also warns you to not consume the sauce pure. Which i boldy ignored. Damn. These were minutes of true pain. Manufactured in germany, this masterful thick sauce starts off with a fantastic spicy, BBQ-ish smell and it invites you to take a nip. As mentioned above – don’t do this! Well, i did and it has a great taste of a well crafted BBQ sauce at first, but this taste won’t last for long, meaning a couple of seconds before the heat comes in. This one is truly atomic. The burn maximises itself over the minutes, and it won’t f*ckin’ stop burning! Ok. We all know have learned the lesson. The use as a spice for your foods should also be handled carefully. The “drop too much” will fire up your food atomically. A fantastic, but handle with absolute care, tool for the devourers of hot and spicy foods.


HEAT LEVEL: 10+++ out of 10

Review Number 013: Samyang Buldak Tteokbokki Sauce Series

The last year or so, the “standalone” spicy hot sauces from Samyang brand are available for the international market.

Samyang Buldak Tteokbokki Sauce Series


This is a very good idea from Samyang. For those who are not familiar with These sauces, a short overview: the black bottle is the original Sauce from all those “hellfire ramen challenges” on Youtube and social media. the red bottle is the 2x spicy Version of the black bottled Sauce. Finally we have the pinkish one, which is lower on heat, but with an italian Twist, carbonara taste.

For your consideration: try These sauces with Fresh ramen noodles OR be brave and try out These sauces with original italian Pasta. For Pasta i would recommend “Barilla n.1” italian spaghetti noodles.

barilla n1


Why using Barilla n.1? These are very thin italian noodles and they fit perfect with the samyang sauces seen above. Trick: cook the italian noodles with a hint of chicken broth – you won’t be dissapointed. Then add the Samyang Sauce of your choice and enjoy!

HEAT LEVEL: 5 – 10 out of 10

Review Number 012: 2PM Nepali Noodles

Well…, i would like to review this one here:

This brand is from Nepal(!) and they already have of Course their own hot & spicy challenges on YouTube. Well, the Thing is – i cannot get my Hands on this one. it is impossible to find them in the EU or online. Yes, you CAN find them online, but the Shops i have found, only deliver locally. So, if you know them, already devoured them, feel free to write a review and let me know. Even better, if you got some of These for me.

HEAT LEVEL: ? out of 10

Review Number 010: Paldo Volcano Chicken Noodle

Yep yummy. This is a very nice one here. It is the “Curry-Version” of Samyang’s hot chicken ramen somehow. Samyang offers a Curry spiced ramen Version on it’s own, but for my persoal taste, their Curry Edition is way too strong on Curry, it even tops the heat. Paldo’s very nice Version here Looks a Little like a rip off of Samyang’s brand. But it is surely not. Black, red, yellow and White, are perfect Colors for hot & spicy Foods.

Paldo brand delivers here a very good and tasty product. It is really hot & spicy, but the Curry amount is well balanced, and the whole composition of These tasty spicy ramen noodles is very satisfying. They are also not very expensive, and easy to get. Get yours!

HEAT LEVEL: 9 out of 10 – BUY HERE!

Review Number 008: Samyang Hot Chicken Zzaldduk Snack

As much as i love the Samyang Brands, this one here was a complete dissapointment. The Zzaldduk Snack:

Eeerrr, no this was not after my taste. Rice Crackers in maccaroni form, lowly spiced, and for me the most horrible Thing is: it is sweet in flavour. If i would want sweetness, i possibly would eat chocolate – and i hate sweet stuff. I never liked it. So, if you into Rice Crackers, low heat and lots of sweet flavour, this one will be yours. Forget About it, if you want it hot & spicy.

HEAT LEVEL: 3 out of 10

Review Number 007: Tabasco Habanero Sauce

Yep, good one here. Tabasco came up a time ago with this great new Version of their classic hot & spicy brand. Perfect for everyday use by the extreme heat Foods devourer:

This is really good stuff, a bravo to old Tabasco brand. It has a very nice and spicy taste, even the typical Tabasco vinegar taste is under its average level. I am definitely getting their newest Version “Tabasco Scorpion” soon. The review on that, you will find of Course Right here!

HEAT LEVEL: 9 out of  10 – BUY HERE!

Review Number 006: How is your burger?

This is our 1st art post on this blog. A fine movie, i am sure you now it all too well: Dumb & Dumber. Still one of the funniest movies ever. If you Strip it from all those idiotical “emotions” Scenes. Nonetheless, who can and want to Forget this legendary acting:

ddps              ddps2

For those unfamiliar with that film, this is the “pepper-scene” were our Heros consuming hot peppers, while being on a roadtrip with a criminal, using them to get a certain suitcase. A great film with lots of Ultra funny Scenes. Featured here for its hot pepper Content.

HEAT LEVEL: 9 out of 10 – BUY HERE!

Review Number 005: Blair’s Death Rain Jolokia Pepper Cauldron Cooked Potato Chips

Back to snacks with this one:


Long before i knew spicy ramen noodles, i already had the pleasure to taste this little devils here. Being a fan of their good, spicy and tasty habanero chips, one day i stumbled upon this one. YEAH. I talked, unknowingly what will happen next, to myself. After day’s work done, a relaxing beer and my newly bought little snack sound like a good idea. Little. Yes. That what i thought to myself while ripping up the package. 85 grams? Well…

The first bite delivered the well known taste and crunchiness of the blair chips brand, but… – with a “twist”. This is pure culinary armageddon. Cough. The base spice mix is so perverse good, that you cannot stop eating them, regardless of your throat, tung, skin, etc. burning like hell. Unfortunately blair did not made an announcement when these ones will be back on the market. Yep, you read correctly, they are long out of stock, and impossible to find these days. IF you can get somehow your hands on this special edition from blair: do not hesistate – get it, buy it, steal it. These are are ultimate chips for extreme heat food devourers. There are many brands on this market, but it not only depends on heat (every idiot can spice up some potato chips…), it depends on texture, spice mix, and of course the heat.

Yes, we all know that these kind of foods are “unhealthy”. Well, even breathing is unhealthy, because oxygen is the cause of degenerating your body cells.

Bon Appetit!

HEAT LEVEL: 10 out of 10

Review Number 004: Samyang Crazy Hot Chicken Mini Limited Edition

OH YEAH! This is what we are Talking About:

samyang crazy chicken mini

This relatively new limited Edition ramen noodles from korean manufacturer samyang won’t dissapoint the devourers of extreme spicy Foods. This is brutal, this is hot. They even only sell it in a mini pack, so hot & spicy it is. It also has the good and well known samyang ramen noodle taste, but this one tops definitely all other samyang ramen noodles. A must have for those who like it hot.

HEAT LEVEL: 10 out of 10 (…if not 11) – BUY HERE!

Review Number 003: Cheetos Xxtra Flamin’ Hot

This is Cheetos Part 2. As i liked the Basic taste and the bite of the Cheetos Snack, i thought to myself: just give them another Chance with this one:

cheetos xxtra hot

To be frank with you: this is a scam, a joke. It’s barely hotter than the original, but not really. I am even not sure if it is spicier, or just a different spice mix. So, this was definitely the last review on a “Cheeto”.

HEAT LEVEL: 5 out of 10

Review Number 002: Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Snack

Here i want to talk About a famous Snack from the U.S.A.:

cheetos flamin

Yep, Looking good, so i bought them online. Finally they arrove. In the evening with a good german beer at my side, i dove into this Snack. Well, at least i tried to do so. They have a good bite and a nice, lightly hot & spicy taste. But i must admit, that they did not “kicked” me in any way. It’s just a nice Snack, well crafted, but nontheless to average for the extreme heat and spice devourer. I am recommending this one as a good and tasty Snack, and that’s all.

HEAT LEVEL: 4 out of 10 – BUY HERE!

Review Number 001: Mamee Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken

In the last few years i stumbled upon hot and spicy ramen noodles. Of course, the web is full of “fire noodle challenges” on all media platforms. So one day i tested them on my own, and they are good and spicy. Really spicy as you will see. So, let’s start our spicy journey with this:

After 4-6 minutes of letting the ramen noodles in the boiling water, we get rid of the rest of the water and mix in the Sauce. Taste and burn. These ramen noodles are “on the top of the heat-chain”. Definitely. They also have a very good taste, even a little BBQ-ish, smoked flavour to deliver.

The negative Point is, the are very expensive. 10$ for 80 grams of ramen noodles is ridiculous. For me, Living in Germany, it will cost me 20$, when shipping is added. Once i was lucky and bought a “6-Pack” relatively cheap via the UK. Normally you have to buy them online from Malaysia.

HEAT LEVEL: 10 out of 10


Hello and welcome citizen on fire to my hot & spicy reviews blog! My name is M. and i live in Germany, and this Blog is dedicated to all things hot & spicy. This can be food, art, design, clothing, music etc.. Mainly we will concentrate on extreme heat foods, devoured by us on a daily base of course.

Q: So what is “so cool” with spiciness?

A: I like it when my food provokes a reaction in my body. And it kills bacteria ‘n stuff…

Q: Why hurting yourself while just eating something?

A: I am not hurting myself. I like it. I can stand “the ring of fire”.

Q: Why being a complete idiot in the eyes of many non-spicy-eaters?

A: They are like vegans. Back in the day vegans were called those ones, who were too stupid to hunt. Just kidding…


For me it all startet out being a kid, “finding” TABASCO in my Mother’s kitchen.

I smelled it and gulped down a good amount my throat fast. Cough.

tabasco shrimp


This was my first heat kick. From this day on, TABASCO (and alternatives) were with me from now on. One thing is and was always for sure:

If it’s not hot & spicy – it’s not for me!

So be welcome and enjoy!